Доброго дня, дорогий митцю 💛💙 Запрошуємо тебе на відкриття виставки «Між небом і землею», на якій будуть представлені роботи з благодійного аукціону для підтримки України. Виставка відбудеться під патронатом Краківської Академії Мистецтв ім. Яна Матейка і Консульства України в Кракові. Вернісаж відбудеться 7 жовтня о 19:00 в Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Solvay за адресою: Zakopiańska 62, Kraków. Виставка триватиме з 7 по 27 жовтня. @ksenia_datsiuk Микола Цимбал] @blinchikk_art @ivan_zozu @zaremba_olga_art @astafusichka @zanna.rt @viktorika_roma @veronika_cherednychenko @siliakova_m @igor__turko @mylerihor @zirkasavka @romankhrushch_art @krutitekoleso @zhenya.machkovska @olena_kayinska_art @rymma_vinogradovaart @katiapyrog @danylchuk.art @lisovaka @katka_yegoza @orchihek @art_fanka @yanahudzan @art_of_anael @palyvoda_anzhelika @solomia.ortynska @andreeew_art1 @maryana_mural @mityafenechkin @shyman_art @shtepurka @tetiana_shendryk @o.bublyk @vladyslav_riaboshtan @vokoyani @kilikiwen @k0maha @bachevlada @ganna.bogachuk @ocolorum Микола Цимбал] @terraneidorfart

Charity Auction for Help Ukraine 💛💙 „Ой у лузі червона калина” Collage Ruzanna Davitian 350mm |350mm paper 2022 #uaworldartfund #ua #art #collage #ua #artist #charity #благодійність #допомога #sztuka

Charity auctions for help Ukraine 🌻 “Did not arrive” Olha Zaremba The artist uses photographs of the war in a post-media broadcast, which leaves a mark instead of a literal tangible horror. Pencil on paper,A4 @zaremba_olga_art @_olga_zaremba_ #uaworldartfund #ua #ukraine #украïна #artist #sztuka #birds #peace #support #charity #artgallery #draw #мистецтво

https://www.paypal.me/uaworldart Символічно просимо вас підтримати наш фонд .Щоб розвиватися і ставати кращими для вас . Будемо вдячні ,аж до самого неба . Віримо і знаємо ,що робимо добру справу 🙏 Symbolically, we ask you to support our fund. To develop and become better for you. We will be grateful to heaven itself. Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/uaworldart #support

Petro Bevza (Ukraine). The reality of the texture, 1994. @petro_bevza #art #modern #artist #uaworldartfund #artists #ukraine #ukraineart #sztuka #contemporaryart

Zapraszamy 💛💙

Charity Auction for Help Ukraine 🇺🇦 An eye of truth 06/27/2022 Oil, canvas on cardboard, 40x30. This work screams about the real truth that is happening in this world, Gytsyliak Julia, Ukraine @ju.ar.t #uaworldartfund #ua #world #art #artist #sztuka #artcollector

Charity Auction „Girls sisters" Material: Paper, ink pen Size: 13 × 26 cm 2021 graphics Zirka Savka, Lviv @zirkasavka #art #artist #uaworld #arte #charity

Artists support Ukraine through art💛💙 Charity auction of the armed forces of Ukraine https://www.uaworld.pl/auctions Anastasia Denysenko @anastasiski_ "My name is Anastasia Denysenko. I studied at the painting faculty in her hometown - Dnipro. In the 4th year, I realized that I was drawn to graphic arts, to printing. Therefore, without hesitation, i enrolled in the Department of Graphics at NAOMA. The Academy has become my second home. Nowhere and never in my life did I feel in my place as I did at Grafika. I didn't have time to finish the first course, and the war is taking it away from me. I give the foundation my first and so far the last lithograph that I managed to make in the walls of the academy. The work is not related to the war in any way, but for me it is special because I remember how I did it, the whole process of creation from sketches and cleaning the stone to applying the pattern and passing the stone through the printing press.How happy I was when the first print was printed. And I look forward to returning to the lithography workshop and continuing what I started." #artukraine #uaworldartfund #stoprussianaggression #ukraine #artist #galerie #artist #artgallery

Andre Smyrnou, Lugansk „Kupala „ Цей образ Купали в авангардному стилі, символізує вічне літо України. Робота виконана олією цього року перед літнім Сонцестоянням на полотні 29×29 @andreasscholastic #ua #uaworldartfund #art #paint #colorful

Na to warto pójść każdemu 💛💙

Artists support Ukraine through art💛💙 Charity auction of the armed forces of Ukraine https://www.uaworld.pl/auctions Zhenya Machkovska "On February 24, 2022, my life, like the lives of all Ukrainians, turned upside down. I was fleeing the war that russia is now waging against Ukraine. Ironically, fleeing the war, I and my loved ones found ourselves at the center of events, in a hot spot. On the 6th day we lost electricity, heating and water. There was no phone connection. Every day the walls of our house shook with explosions. I am an artist. I wanted to pour my pain on paper. All I had with me was a sketchbook and markers. I made notes and illustrated my emotions and experiences. Now, being in relative safety in the city of Dnipro, I continue to paint. I continue to capture images of war on paper. I will never be able to forget the pain that russia caused to my country" I was born in 1999 in the city of Dnipro,Ukraine. I live and work in Kyiv. Education: 2014 - 2018 - Dnipropetrovsk Theater and ArtCollege, Fine Arts Department. 2018 - present: student at the Nationalacademy of Fine Arts and Architecture,Department of Fine Arts and Restoration. (Kyiv, Ukraine). Events: - Participation in the National Competition Silver Easel 2017 and Silver Easel 2017 II, organized by BROVDI ART Foundation in Uzhhorod - One work presented at international project "Anticipation + Immunity" 2020, The Korsaks’ Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art(Lutsk). - Online auction of young art “Breathe” from: Ukrainian Catholic University, 2020 - Top ten finalists in the social advertising competition "Scream" in Dnipro, 2020 - Participation in a group exhibition at the Kurazh event, Kyiv, 2021 Exhibitions: 2022 - Ukrainian-Georgian Contemporary Art Exhibition "Tomorrow", Literature Museum, Tbilisi 2021 - Personal exhibition "Glance", bookstore "Shine of the book", Kyiv 2021 - Group exhibition "Open Day" at The Stein Studio, Kyiv 2020 - Finalists' exhibition in the social advertising competition "Scream", Dnipro 2020 - "Anticipation + Immunity", The Korsaks’ Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, Lutsk @zhenya.machkovska #ua #art #UAWORLDARTFUND

Charity Auction for help Ukraine "Blue Body" Veronika Cherednychenko, Lviv @veronika_cherednychenko #artlviv #artukraine #art #artist #uaworldartfund #uaworld #ukrainewar #ukraine #ua #stopwarinukraine #stoprussianaggression #stopwar

"Another March" Anzhelika Palyvoda, Graz @palyvoda_anzhelika #artukraine #stopwarinukraine #stoprussianaggression #stopwar #stopwar #uaworldartfund #ukrainewar #art

Sofiia Yachmin "My name is Sofiia, Im 23. I live and work in Kyiv. I graduated from the Grekov Odesa Art School, and now Im studying in my fourth year at National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. However, because of the war in my country, I am continuing my education at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm. All my education specialties are painting.I have started my free creation and exhibition activity in 2020. The main subject of my art is an exploration of happiness. I know that it isnt the most actual line in art, but Im used to studying life through the prism of it. In peaceful times, and especially in war, everybody cares about this subject. People used to talk about problems, but I am raising the subject of happiness to understand grief .The character of happiness, it's looking and influence on people. Everything is individual and it is not at the same time. Happiness isn't just an empty pleasure. The biggest darkness is near the brightest happiness. The more I understand people's happiness, the more I realize the depth of sorrow. A viewer looks at smiling and happy people on my canvases, but the sensible understanding of opposites of this phenomenon appears. " @sy_artist_ #artukraine #artist #stoprussianaggression #stopwar #uaworldartfund #ukrainewar

"Silence" Anna-Kristina Zinchenko Canvas / spray paint / acrylic 2022 Warsaw @zanna.rt #artukraine #artist #uaworldartfund #uaworld #ukrainewar #stoprussianaggression #stopwarinukraine

Ukrainian model Pasha Harul became one of the heroines of a special edition of the authoritative French fashion, culture and art magazine Purple. The new issue was dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the publication. And one of the themes of the issue was the war in Ukraine. "Today, war is dehumanized. And the war that the Russians are waging against Ukraine reaches the maximum of this dehumanization," says one of Purple's materials.

On September 8, the Lviv Municipal Art Center opened an exhibition of the "Gareley Neo-Otdresh" project - "14-8-22". This is a collection of personal stories, memories and works of young artists and residents of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Stories, like the name of the project, are divided into parts: 14 — 2014 — the beginning of Russia's war against Ukraine, the occupation of parts of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions. 22 — 2022 — the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. 8 — ∞ — endless eight years of life between these dates. "Residents of Eastern Ukraine, who ended the beginning of the war 8 years ago at home, have again become victims of Russian aggression. For the second time, they were left without a home and became forced migrants. The second time they started life from scratch. We want to share the experience of those for whom this war is an important part of life, because their story can become an important documentation of Russia's war against Ukraine," the organizers describe the exhibition.

Artists support Ukraine through art💛💙 Charity auction of the armed forces of Ukraine https://www.uaworld.pl/auctions Igor Turko (1995, Lviv) Art, for me, is everything that evokes any emotion or thought. I see it everywhere - in shabby walls, in a flower petal, in a museum of classical art or in a graffiti under a ruined bridge. Everything that catches my eye and makes me capture its relevance. Yes, it is the relevance that is the measure of art for me. And relevance is a context, an individual context. It’s like a unique bubble of content that is formed during whole life and is saturated with new information every day. That is why I propose every person to interpret my work in their own way. Give them your names, contemplate them in all directions and find, or not find, their relevance to yourself. (08.2022 - art-residence "Kherson is Ukraine", Uman) (08.2022 - organization of pop-up exhibition "open wall" 31-art space, Lviv) (06.2022 - exhibition "one hundred as one", Svitlo gallery, Lviv) (04.2022-06.2022 first personal exhibition, WA, Lviv) @igor__turko #artukraine #artist #uaworld #uaworldartfund #stopwarinukraine

Композиційний пошук @igorlipskykh #uaworldartfund #uaart

"Last war" What if it is the last war? People should stop fighting. stop fighting with nature, with each other, with themselves. start observing and communicating. this is the only way to exist., Daria Golovashchenko, Amsterdam @dariaabsolute #artukraine #artist #uaworldartfund #uaworld #fund #stoprussianaggression #stopwarinukraine

"Untitled" Mitya_Fenechkin, Odesa @mityafenechkin #artukraine #uaworld #uaworldartfund #stoprussianaggression #stopwarinukraine

Дуже приємно ,що художники нас відвідують і тішать своєю творчістю💛💙 @zanna.rt #ua #uaworld #painting #paint #standwithukraine #ukraine #support

"Dinner" @art_nikola_tsimbal #art#artukraine #artist #uaworldartfund #fund #stoprussianaggression